free online game Dark Time Mahjong
Dark Time Mahjong
Puzzle Games
Classic Mahjong solitaire

free online game Spite and Malice
Spite and Malice
Puzzle Games
This is a kind of competitive patience (solitaire) game for two players.

free online game Cover Orange
Cover Orange
Puzzle Games
Cover the orange [...]

free online game Aerodrome Solitaire
Aerodrome Solitaire
Puzzle Games
Addictive solitaire free game

free online game Cover Orange 2
Cover Orange 2
Puzzle Games
Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly [...]

free online game Spiters Annihilation 2
Spiters Annihilation 2
Puzzle Games
Get rid of all the monsters on the screen. No [...]

free online game Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Factory
Puzzle Games
Remove all chocolates by matching 3 or more of the [...]

free online game Bomb Besieger
Bomb Besieger
Puzzle Games
Evil knights have captured the city! They have fortified themselves [...]

free online game Gon And Mon
Gon And Mon
Puzzle Games
Description Many people believe that the king of the jungle is a lion, [...]

free online game Totems Awakening 2
Totems Awakening 2
Puzzle Games
The ancient people are back with more sleeping totems to awake. New [...]

free online game Parallel levels
Parallel levels
Puzzle Games
This game is a logical platformer with unusual mechanics. You have to [...]

free online game Ant Hill Trap
Ant Hill Trap
Puzzle Games
150th Escape game from Due to the heavy shower of rain, the [...]

free online game Kris Mahjong 2
Kris Mahjong 2
Puzzle Games
Connect the two pictures by creating a path between them. Must remove [...]

free online game Tower Breaker 2 Across the Seas
Tower Breaker 2 Across the Seas
Puzzle Games
The Great Volcano erupted, our king must relocate his kingdom. Help him [...]

free online game Pointless Dropping
Pointless Dropping
Puzzle Games
Remove the blue shapes to drop the red ones. Don't drop the green [...]

free online game Classic Sudoku
Classic Sudoku
Puzzle Games
Classic Sudoku - The goal is to fill the grid with 9 unique numbers in [...]

free online game 3D Rubik's Cube
3D Rubik's Cube
Puzzle Games
Simple and convenient 3D version of a Rubik's cube with dimensions 2x2 [...]

free online game Bubbleshooter Explosion
Bubbleshooter Explosion
Puzzle Games
Addicting and fun bubble shooter [...]

free online game Sweet Candy
Sweet Candy
Puzzle Games
Sweet Candy is a colorfull bubble shooter [...]

free online game Dino Shift 2
Dino Shift 2
Puzzle Games
Jump and shift your way to victory in this charming sequel to Dino [...]

free online game 2D World
2D World
Puzzle Games
Welcome to the 2D World – an easy, yet tremendous world of puzzles [...]

free online game Harmony of Elements
Harmony of Elements
Puzzle Games
Puzzle platformer about Fire, Wind and Earth elementals who travel [...]

free online game White Desert Mahjong
White Desert Mahjong
Puzzle Games draws your attention to its new free excellent [...]

free online game Sexy Girl Puzzle
Sexy Girl Puzzle
Puzzle Games
Sexy Girls puzzle

free online game CHILI FACTORY
Puzzle Games
Swap places of block in such a way to have at least three of the same [...]

free online game Block Blaster
Block Blaster
Puzzle Games
Block Blaster is a fun and unique puzzle game. Use your cannon to shoot [...]

free online game Guardian Rock
Guardian Rock
Puzzle Games
You are the Guardian Rock. After millenia of slumber you rise to defend [...]

free online game Flying Candy
Flying Candy
Puzzle Games
An extremely addictive chain reaction game with deep upgrade system and [...]

free online game Windosill
Puzzle Games
Guide a toy truck through a series of interactive landscapes, full of [...]

free online game Bloons 2
Bloons 2
Puzzle Games
Bloons 2 is here! A worthy and awesome sequel at last to our original [...]

free online game Marching Zombies
Marching Zombies
Puzzle Games
Defend you're Farm from Zombies Invasion, collect the resource to buy [...]

free online game Frozen Mahjong
Frozen Mahjong
Puzzle Games
It's winter and most mahjong tiles are frozen, can you unfreeze them [...]

free online game Way of an Idea
Way of an Idea
Puzzle Games
Way of an Idea is inspired by a physics-classroom chalk board. Limited [...]

free online game Crazy Go Nuts 2
Crazy Go Nuts 2
Puzzle Games
Crazy Go Nuts 2 packs even more squirrel blasting fun! Shoot your [...]

free online game Little Farm
Little Farm
Puzzle Games
Have a down-home good time at Little Farm, where you'll use your [...]

free online game RIFT
Puzzle Games
A unique retro puzzle platform game. You're a robot whose task is to [...]

free online game Asia GeoQuest
Asia GeoQuest
Puzzle Games
Can you locate the countries in Asia on the map? Put your geography [...]

free online game aMaze
Puzzle Games
Every second counts... a multi level maze game. Draw a line as fast as [...]

free online game Magic Doors
Magic Doors
Puzzle Games
A Three-card Monte game. Keep your eye on the magic door with the [...]

free online game Germz
Puzzle Games
Defend yourself against an onslaught of mischievous Germz! The only [...]